SMEs pool requirements to save cash

A new service which pools the requirements of companies will help small businesses get better deals on products and services. The SME Discounts organisation has come up with the scheme which will provide a pooling resource for its members allowing them to share requests for products and services they have an interest in, reducing costs in the process.

The requests will be collated by SME Discounts and depending on the amount of requests, they will then seek out the best business deal to put to SME members. A new forum has been created for members to log onto to feed their requests through to the site controllers. There’s also a wealth of information on the site to answer questions and spark ideas for small and medium sized business owners.

SME Discounts Managing Director, Andries Smit, says he is confident the new pool facility will allow UK small business to take procurement to the next level and make a real impact in bulk buying savings.

He said: “Often the right deal isn’t available at the time that small business owners visit bulk buying websites. By pooling all these requests we have greater buying power and a much better and safer system for purchases. “This new allows economic buying at a level normally only enjoyed by large companies.”

“For example, a number of companies who require office chairs at a competitive price can pool their requests and we can make the transaction for all of them at a reduced price. SME Discounts produced lists of previous buys on its forum for business owners to examine to see what types of savings can be made. The trigger point for requests is at least 5 companies wanting the same products and services.