SMEs see no big Olympic benefits

New figures have revealed that 6 out of 10 small business believe that the London 2012 Olympics will have no long term positive effect on their business, according the FSB, Federation of Small Businesses. This is despite the face that the PM, David Cameron, has said that the UK is now on track for a lasting legacy.

As the 200 day mark until the start of the games is reached, the FSB’s voice of small business survey has shown that 62% of small firms believe that their will be no positive long term effect on their businesses due to the games, despite repeated promises that the London 2012 Olympics will leave a legacy that will last for years. A mere 7% think that their businesses will benefit, while 25% believe they will have a negative impact.

The main concern of the FSB is that when the bid was put in for the Games, the main selling point was that would be creating a long term legacy for the company, yet many small businesses believed they would see no benefits from these promises. With only 200 days until the Games begin, the FSB are calling on both the Olympic Authorities and the Government to make sure that small businesses are told how they can reap the benefits.

The National Chairman of the FSB is John Walker, and he has said that he finds it worrying that with only 200 days to go most small businesses feel that their businesses are not going to benefit from the Olympic and Paralympic Games. He added that this was exacerbated due to the Games being sold on the basis of their lasting legacy, and while we all know times are tough, small firms should be benefitting from the events of 2012.