SME’s still struggling to find business within the public sector

It seems that it is still a problem for small businesses to find work with the public sector. This warning has come from the Federation of Small Businesses and they have said that there is still not a level playing field between small companies and their larger rivals. This is despite plans by ministers that have made it easier for small companies to win contracts with the government.

The FSB conducted a survey which involved over 2500 small companies and it said that they still found the process of securing a contract with the government too complex. 40 percent of companies who answered the survey said that public officials had sidelined them as they had an inbuilt belief that bigger firms were able to offer more.

Another 40 percent said that they have been unable to secure any work with the government. The chairman of the FSB, John Walker has commented, “The government definitely have taken steps in order to raise awareness of the value of small businesses in the UK and what they can do for the public sector.

“However, what is clear from this survey is not everything is being done that should be. There is still a culture in the government where people believe that big companies can offer more than small companies, and it is important the minister’s attitude start changing.” Many people have called on the government to release figures about how much work they are rewarding to small companies in comparison to larger operators.