SMEs with an online presence see their profits rise

Despite an increasingly competitive environment for market share of consumer spending, online retailers throughout the UK have predicted that they will see an improvement in their sales for 2013, which is a direct impact of the overall growth within the online market, according to research conducted by the Royal Mail.

The study shows that approximately 50% of SMEs who are online retailers have seen a considerably increase in their sales through 2012 with 64% of them saying they are highly confident that sales will continue to grow throughout this year also, despite the belief that competition is much more intense than it was two years ago.

The number of consumers using smartphones or tablets in order to buy goods has resulted in an increase of online shoppers however they only tend to stick to the safe names that they know and avoid shopping around according to view of 31% of online retailers.

In a direct response to this increase in customers and the way people are changing to online shopping 35% of SME online retailers have already started planning and working on developing mobile apps for the market in 2013.

Six out of ten retailers have claimed that the spike in the number of websites offering online shopping has fuelled increasing competition between companies for sales. Over half of retailers taking part in the research explained that due to the current economic climate customers are now more sensitive about price than ever before and the rise of promotions regarding price has started to spark shoppers in to seeking out the best price they can get rather than getting it from the name they have before hand.

The Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, Nick Landon explained that their studies showed that online retailers are adjusting their methods to respond to the specific needs of the customer of today which in turn will promote their sales within the ever increasingly competitive marketplace.