Squeezing every inch out of your office space

Maximising office space can lead to many benefits such as increased efficiency and profitability. There are many things you can do to optimise your workspace, whether you have a large or small office. Here are our top tips for squeezing every inch out of your office space.

Records and filing

It’s no surprise that the modern office has considerably less clutter than an office in the 90s since the introduction of super-fast computers with flat screen monitors. Our reliance on physical copies of work has, no doubt, reduced; however, we still have a vast amount of essential paper documents, whether they are contracts, leases, or SLAs.

Organising your filing system is essential to maximising your office space. Having a well organised and efficient filing system can lead to increased productivity of the workforce as well as increase speed of information retrieval. There are many ways you can maximise storage space whilst decreasing the space used. For instance, create storage walls, which can be used to separate spaces or centralise your filing system.

Reducing dead space

Spaces that are opened up can be used to create more desk or filing space. Have a look round your office space and try to isolate areas of the room that are unused or closed off. By making sure these areas get used and opened up, perhaps through rearranging furniture or moving particular teams, you will be making sure every part of your office is being utilised.

Cables and networking

Not only is loose cabling a health and safety hazard but it will also make your office seem cluttered. If you are a small business with few electronic devices, opting for a wireless router instead of using ethernet cables can help reduce clutter.

Larger businesses may increase office space by outsourcing their server hosting needs. Server rooms can take up incredible amounts of space as well as resources required to maintain and cool them. The added benefits of using server hosting services is that it allows for all your needs to be met off site, meaning you can really maximise your office space whilst having access to high capacity IPVPN networks, internet platforms and voice services. Furthermore, if there is a flood or fire in your office, your server will be safe.

Multipurpose spaces

If you have a room that can fulfil multiple functions such as a meeting room, you can put it to use in other ways when there are no scheduled meetings. You can turn these spaces into printing rooms, group working rooms, hot desk areas or quiet rooms.

Squeezing the most out of your work space will require time and effort, but as any business owner or manager will know, a properly optimised workspace can lead to increased profitability as well as increased worker satisfaction.

Article by Dexter Curtis, Interior designs expert