The Business of Recruitment

One of the few growth areas in the UK economy is the healthcare sector. Many SME’s in this sector have seen their fortunes progress and are employing well over 250 staff throughout the country.

One such group is the newly formed Gracewell Healthcare. Their recent employment drive in Frome recruited 75 staff for their luxury care home Rossetti House and as the company expands throughout the UK this figure is set to grow. The group plans to have 13 homes running throughout the UK in 2013 and four have already opened their doors in the south and west of the country.

Care homes recruit people from all walks of life, all ages and all professions. For those looking to embark on a new career, make sure that the facility you are applying for has been recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and has successfully passed all the criteria set by the commission. This standard will ensure a happy working environment and also denotes that the residents in the home are well looked after and all their nursing and social needs are met.

The new ‘boutique hotel style’ care homes run by Gracewell Healthcare highlight the emphasis on individuality and luxury. The group recognises that just because someone may no longer be able to live independently doesn’t mean that they have necessarily lost their zest for life. A growing focus on activities and self-fulfilment is a focus of these new homes and they cater for both public and privately funded residents.

Recruitment advertisements for gardeners, chefs, administrators and care workers are one of the few growth areas in the pages of local newspapers and online job agencies. Any SME that is able to take on the philosophies of care for employees as well as care for residents should be able to see their business flourish. The UK has a rapidly aging population; the baby boomers are coming of age and need somewhere to live in their later years and the requirements of this generation are broader than those of previous years; nail bars, beauty treatments and WiFi for silver surfers are just a few elements on the list of requirements expected by those rock and rollers of yesteryear.

Dementia has been in the news a lot recently and any care home that has specialised nursing for those that suffer from this condition will always be in demand. Recent studies have shown that with encouragement, stimulation and the revival of past memories many patients with dementia can thrive in their new environment, personalised care is seen as essential for this group.

It has been shown that by investing in creating a ‘home from home’ that those considering involvement in this sector may well be able to reap both financial and emotional rewards. The CQC report for 2011/12 focuses on ‘the need for care homeowners to treat people with respect and dignity and to involve them in decisions about their care’.