The Great Exhibition of 2012 told ‘2012’ belongs to Olympics

Organizers of the London Olympics are threatening legal action unless a small company removes their 2012 from their proposed trademark. The Great Exhibition of 2012 hopes to stage a major event in August outside of London next year during the same time the Olympics are held. The organizers say they are worried the company wants to cash in.

The London organizing committee’s letter from their lawyers warns about possible action and says they are concerned that an association between the Exhibition and London 2012 will be made which is something that is not authorized.

This type of London 2012 association is reserved in its exclusivity for the official sponsors since we are obliged to them and the IOC to ensure that commercial organizations do not benefit because of a perceived association with the Games.

The letter said the 2012 was not dropped by the company then their London 2012 would seek to recover their costs from the legal action. The founder of the Great Exhibition Julie Benson and one of only three employees has accused the 2012 organizers of hindering an attempt to celebrate commerce and tourism in London.

She said it was preposterous saying they are trying to take me to court because I may not drop the 2012 from my application. They should be helping me to celebrate everything that is good in Britain and with this hanging over her head she said it would be next to impossible to get sponsors.

She concedes that the starting point of her company was when London won the games and it says just that on their website. The venue for the Great Exhibition has not been determined as of yet although Peterborough has been mentioned as a location that is possible. London 2012 has said they have approached the Great Exhibition project to try and fix the situation.