The Growth of Cloud Computing

Only a couple of years ago, most of us probably never even heard of the term cloud computing, but these days it seems like everyone is talking about it. Nobody knows for sure what the future holds for cloud computing, but we think that it’s going to get even more popular.

When cloud computing first started being rolled out a lot of people were cautious since they didn’t like the idea of their data being held at a place that they have no control over, but it seems like people have started to realise that Cloud computing is actually quite secure if you choose the right provider and the cost benefits of using the cloud are huge.

It’s believed that 70% of companies will move part or all of their data to the cloud over the next couple of years which is quite amazing considering just a few years ago most people never even heard of it. To give you some sort of an idea of how much money there is in this market and why Microsoft ploughed 95% of their development budget into developing cloud technologies, the cloud computing market in India is currently worth $100 million – this figure is going to grow to $1 billion by the end of 2015.

Start-up companies were the first group of users that embraced the cloud, mainly due to the non-existence upfront costs, but mid-sized companies and enterprises now are beginning to investigate whether part or all of their IT services should be moved.

The largest uptake of the cloud in the consumer market was when Apple introduced iCloud in IOS5, there are now over 140 million users of this service showing that the cloud has traction in the domestic market.

So, let’s wait and see to find out if the trend will continue, will the cloud computing market continue to expand or will the hype die down? We’ll have to wait to see!