The important role of the recruitment agency

Whether you are an employer looking for the ideal candidate for your vacancy or someone looking for your dream job, it would be well worth considering taking a look at a recruitment agency and seeing what they offer in the way of services which help both employers and employees to find what they are looking for. There are recruitment agencies specialising in all sectors and industries, and the person or job you are looking for could be just a few clicks away.

The premise of the recruitment agency is simple; they have a database of clients and match their vacancies with the best people for the job. They also advertise vacancies on behalf off the client and perform the CV sift and sometimes even the interviews. Busy corporations set great store on recruitment agencies to find the perfect people for their vacancies, and they are in a huge position of trust as someone can be hired, or not, on their say so.

Recruitment agencies are nothing new with the first one being recorded in the US in 1893. They took a while to make a trip across the Pond to the UK but they are now established as the number one place to match jobs with candidates. The very first ones acted in very much the same way as today’s do; identifying, locating and ultimately hiring workers on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Very few of the largest companies in the UK now do their own recruiting, it can be a time consuming process, particularly in the current clime which hundreds of candidates chasing a handful of positions, and they find it quicker and more cost effective to have a recruitment agency do the work for them. It is estimated that 98% of contact centre jobs in the UK are advertised by recruitment agencies who then hire the allotted amount of employees before passing them onto the company to do their training.

An area where recruitment agencies particularly shine is in specialist areas, such as civil engineering or construction. The online recruitment agencies carry the best of the jobs specific sectors have to offer and applicants are invited to submit their CV’s. Such sites as these carry a wealth of job opportunities for the all the top companies and the Randstad website is one of the most visited recruitment websites in the UK.

Other recruitment agencies specialise in the hiring of temporary staff, for the Christmas period for example, and there is always the chance that if you do well you will be kept on as a permanent employee when you contract comes to an end.

These agencies play a vital role in filling the job vacancies with the best possible candidates, and they go through rigorous training to ensure they are on the ball at all times. Forget looking in your local paper or in the job centre, the best paid jobs will invariably pass through a recruitment agency, so make sure that CV is tip top before you start sending it off.