The manufacturing sector sees even more growth

Further growth is expected in the manufacturing sector, according to a survey from the Manufacturing Advisory Service. The first ever “National Barometer” has seen turnover increase over the last six months for over 50% of respondents while 60% thought growth would continue until the end of the year.

The survey also found that nearly half of respondents expected to employ more staff over the next 12 months, whereas 50% expected staffing levels to remain constant. Well over 600 companies – employing 26,000 staff responded to the survey which represents a substantial number of industry stakeholders.

Despite the tough economic conditions, manufacturing is one of the few industries experiencing growth. MAS spokesperson, Simon Griffiths noted that an encouraging aspect of the survey was that the positive trends were expected to continue. The Area Director for North & West went on to say that companies continuing to source products locally may have been a key factor in the positive indicators.

In other findings, 44% of businesses plan to spend on machinery and premises while just over a third is intending to invest in new technology and innovation. Operational efficiency figured highly with 80% expected growth through targeting expenses and operating processes.

In one example, a respondent to the survey, Barkley Plastics expects a steady if unspectacular increase in growth in the next few months; the West Midlands firm specialises in medical, automotive and household products and employs 94 staff.

MAS represent manufacturers and recommend strategies and planning for industry issues such efficiency and product development. It is funded by the Business, Innovation and Skills department.