The Rebel Entrepreneur rewrites the rule book for starting up a business

Jonathan Moules explains why, in many cases, the received wisdom on entrepreneurship just isn’t the best way of doing things.

The Rebel Entrepreneur

Rewriting the Business Rulebook

By Jonathan Moules

Published by Kogan Page, £14.99

Starting a business is something that many people fantasise about. One of the first stops that people regularly take is looking at books on the subject and this is often a good place to begin, however, it is important to understand that some of these books offer bad advice and in some instances are just completely wrong.

Jonathan Moules, the enterprise editor at the Financial Times, has stated that following the rule book might now be the right way to go. The controversial book suggests that if you do things differently from everyone else you are going to create an organisation that is capable of so much more than the competition. In the book, he looks at several case studies of people who have thrown the rulebook out of the window and enjoyed enormous success.

•    Why you don’t need to stick to a business plan

•    The value of having no money

•    Why there’s nothing wrong with learning from the ideas of others

•    Why, if things get tough, you should put your prices up

•    How cutting costs can kill your business

The Rebel Entrepreneur is the alternative guide to starting your own business and succeeding.

The Author

Jonathan Moules is Enterprise Correspondent for the Financial Times and he has profiled hundreds of companies and their owners, and received thousands of letters from entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. His extensive experience in all things entrepreneurial forms the basis for his new book.

Pub: July 2012 Price: £14.99 Format: Paperback Specs: 240 pages ISBN: 9780749464820