Tips for Dressing for Your Business Award Ceremony

If you are attending a business awards ceremony soon, then it might be the time to look at your wardrobe and plan your outfit for on the big day. Try and find a balance between dressing up and keeping it on a business level: formal, yet dressy.  You don’t want to look like you’re going to a cocktail party: (though you might want to wheel the ultra-glamorous look out for the afterparty!) Here are some tips for dressing for your business award ceremony.

1. A blazer does the trick

A blazer has business written all over it, and can easily look feminine when mixed with a pencil dress and a fancy pair of heels. This way you look suitably dressed up but with a formal air.

2. Go crazy and wear a long gown

As you can see, on these pictures of the Oscars in the Daily Mail, actresses like Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts opted for long, sequinned gowns. While they do look gorgeous in these dresses, the sequins might be a little too red carpet for business awards. But if you take the basic shape and style, it’s an idea worth going with. So why not pick one of these affordable black embellished long prom dresses instead? They’re beautiful, alluring and on the right side of glam for this occasion.

3. Mix and match in monochrome

The biggest trend of this summer is monochrome, which works perfectly for a business awards ceremony as you can dress up in black and white – full party dress while keeping your formal integrity! There is no need for bright colours when you can keep it stark and sleek and instead shift your focus towards striking accessories like a sparkly clutch, big earrings or even extrovert makeup! This brings us to the next point . . .

4. Get your hair and nails done, and match your makeup

Your hair and nails can make or break your outfit, so make sure you get a French manicure and a haircut before the ceremony. Once you have sorted this out, it is time to go shopping for some new make-up items. The two trends in cosmetics this year are pastel colours and matte. Both options work with any skin type and colour, and when your outfit is discreet then you can do whatever you want!

Matte is perfect for formal events: it rids the skin of any oily spots, and if you add the right finisher or moisturizer will keep you looking fresh all night long. And of course you can also combine the two with pastel colours in matte form – the best of both worlds! Experiment a little before the ceremony and see which look is best for you. And do not forget that you can always walk into the nearest MAC store or Sephora to ask for free advice.