Twitter offer top twenty tips for businesses

Experts from Twitter come up with a list of the top 20 tactics you should use to win new business through the social media network.

The digital marketing specialists, Add People, have been trawling the web examining the best ways for businesses to use Twitter to promote the growth of their brands and also win new customers and clients.

Grant Barton is the MD of Add People, and he says that companies are winning business on Twitter but are being rather coy about how they are actually doing it. He added that they had looked at over 3000 businesses in the UK and have come up with the top 20 tactics that marketers and business owners should be using in 2012.

“A social media plan is essential for any business looking to develop an online presence. As the design and layout of Twitter changes, so does the way in which users interact within the site.

“Twitter users are becoming much more involved with brands through the use of hash tags and trending which means businesses need to be prepared to engage with their customers effectively and efficiently.”

Add People has compiled the top twenty Twitter tactics used by businesses in the UK:

Help others with problems by using the hashtag for your industry term.
   Share tips related to your business and work-life balance.
  Share photos of conferences, travel, products and other interesting finds.
    Provide selected highlights from a conference or event.
   Report industry, company, world and other news that’s related to your business, together with some commentary.
   Link to articles and content posted elsewhere with a summary of why it’s valuable
  Post original thoughts on your topic, industry and business
 Join industry and topic groups related to your business and caree
 Feed your tweets into other social networks like Facebook and Linked-in
 Participate in Twitter chats related to your industry or business on a regular basis
 Research prospects before meeting them. You can gain a lot of valuable information just from scanning their tweets, profile and contacts
Give referrals via Twitter. What goes around comes around
Spread your tweets throughout the day, rather than posting the all at once, as people check Twitter at different times of the day
 Respond to tweets which relate to your industry.
 Publish your Twitter ID on all marketing collateral, including business cards, email signature, email newsletters, web sites and brochures, so prospects can learn more about you.
Post discounts and offers on Twitter
Use keywords on your profile and a fun fact to earn trust, add personality and enable you to be found
 Dump the default Twitter avatar use a photo of yourself or a suitable image
 Follow experts, companies, competitors and leaders in your industry
 Be authentic, genuine and real. In other words, be yourself.