UK firms welcome apprentices

Many small businesses are thrilled with the chance to provide apprenticeships to others according to new research that found that employers in the UK believe that qualified apprentices make life easier for employees that hold other types of qualifications.

The study was carried out by ICM Research and found that those who finish higher apprenticeships are considered to be the best candidates for hire by companies as businesses ranked this group of potential employees as 25% more employable then those who choose to get into work via other routes.

In 2009 higher apprenticeships were introduced in order to offer high level qualifications to candidates and so that employers could get the advanced skills that they need at their companies to help foster growth.

While it has only been a few years, there are already many higher apprenticeships to choose from and about one out of every six of apprentices choose to pursue higher education after they conclude their time as an apprentice at a university or local college.

Executive director of the national apprenticeship service, David Way, explained that higher apprenticeships are a great way to deal with the face of a changing workplace and to help obtain the higher skills that most employees are looking for these days.

He went on to say that this is especially important to small business owners that have a smaller staffing number. SMEs tend to want to hire employees with the highest level of skill so that they can reduce the overall amount of staff that they need to operate their business.

In addition, it is a great way for SMEs to help tap into a wider talent pool and then invest in a workforce for the future that will help bring the company to its full potential.