What Is Wooshii?

Lights, Camera, Sound and Action! Have you ever thought about what it feels like working with your own video production or animation team? Have you imagined a world of the best creative professionals at your disposal, working on making your dream project to make it come true? Or are you one of those aspiring creative types who wants to showcase their talent to the world?

Wooshii is your one stop solution for all these services and much more, and the beauty of it is that whoever you need, whenever you need them and whatever your talent, you can find it all under one roof.

I Am A Creative Person – Why Wooshii?

Let’s say you are one of those super talented people who are adept at playing with all forms of rich media like video, animation and 3D and you are looking for your next gig to contribute and earn your share. You also want to reach out to people outside your neighborhood, gain international exposure, grow your portfolio and experience by working on a variety of projects. Wooshii offers you a great platform to build your reputation, earn money for your ideas and show off your creative ability.

I Have A Concept, But A Fixed Budget – Why Wooshii?

So you have a story in mind, an idea that you want to develop, or maybe a concept that you want to produce, but you have a strict budget to follow. You are looking for quality but yet again under very limited spending. Not to worry, as Wooshii is there to offer you a great marketplace for you to choose your own budget, take care of your clients and manage your production under a single roof.

Simply decide on a brief, set your pricing and review different pitches from the creative community on Wooshii and select the one that fits your criteria. With the completed video project you get your rights and copyright licenses thus making this a solution with complete peace of mind.

The Wooshii Advantage

Whether you are offering creative services, or are in the need of similar talent for your project, Wooshii brings together a world of professionals, marketers, agencies and publishers – helping you connect, interact and reach out to anyone around the planet and acquire the best talent to engage on your project. At Wooshii you have the largest production company at your disposal, a place to pitch your creative concepts, publish video content at an economical cost and see your dream become a reality.

With great customer service and support, Wooshii is your best bet for a complete solution of finding great talent across different time zones, conceptualizing your project and working closely towards realizing the project to completion. Come join us and put your ideas into production.