What Types of Paper Shredders are there?

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There many different types of shredders available on the market and with so much choice available it can seem like you are drowning in a sea of shredded paper options before you’ve even started.

To name a few there is the paper shredder, the general office shredder, small and larger shredders as well as executive style shredders.

Why do you need a shredder?

There are many benefits to owning a shredder, they’re environmentally friendly and help reduce paper waste; they destroy sensitive information which can help protect you from identity theft. E-mails, utility bills, bank statements, old credit cards, employment records and direct mail can all contain information that you would not want to fall into the wrong hands – it can all be destroyed by shredders.

What Shredders are there?

Paper shredders are ideal for home and office , it allows you to eliminate any unwanted paper work and easy at the touch of a button. You can purchase large office shredders for frequent use. These types of shredder can take up to 650 loose sheets at a time and divide them into the smallest range of strips available. Cutting A4 sheets into approximately 2188 pieces.  They feature wide entry mouths so that paper varying in size can fit and it can also consume a significant amount in one shred sitting.

Office shredders come in all shapes and sizes for large or small businesses. Some shredders have innovating Jam Free technology that means you don’t have to worry about breaking your shredder.  The Mercury Shredder range from Rexel can remove the excess paper once a red light comes on, once you physically remove the paper from the shredder, the light will then go green and it will automatically continue shredding away.

Once you know what type you want you will also want to consider how you will shred. Will you be shredding in bulk often or shredding small amounts every day? An infrequent bulk shredder will require a shredder that can handle a large load. An on the go shredder will not necessarily need such a powerful machine.

Shredder security levels range from 1 to 5. This is based on the width of the strip size, the smaller the cut size the higher the security.

The largest width is the ribbon cut. It shreds thin strips for low security levels 1 to 2.

For higher levels of security a confetti cut shredder includes levels 3 and 4. The smallest strips that can be cut come under the micro and Super micro cut shredders. They create extremely small pieces for very high security levels, 4 and 5.