Why Do I Need to Run a VDI for my Business?

In business, you have to be able to pick up and move your work anywhere in the world if an encouraging opportunity presents itself. You can’t spend too much time worrying about how you’re going to access your desktop from a remote location. With a virtual desktop interface (VDI), your desktop will remain the same regardless of the computer you’re using. Some VDIs are limited to the confines of a business’s home office, but it’s entirely possible for you to take advantage of them in different areas. If you’re unable to gain access to your desktop as you knew it, you could always use online storage services as a means to maintain the ability to open your important files. It doesn’t matter how your files are presented as long as they remain available to you.

For the VDIs that don’t allow you to leave your office, the purpose of the device remains the same. When you’re working a lot with computers, your work might take you to various places in the office to work with different pieces of equipment. You won’t want to worry about figuring out how you will get your important documents from one system to another. You should just want to place the files you need in your VDI and access them when you get to your destination. A Dell VDI eliminates the unfortunate task of having to transfer files from one system to another once you have saved them. You might still have to transfer files from time to time, but if you have setup the VDI correctly, you shouldn’t have to do it too often.

All you need to run a VDI is a server with the space to store a VDI in addition to the files on your main hard drives. Your VDI won’t run very well unless your server is stable. Many different circumstances have a way of effecting how stable a server is. As long as you have a sturdy firewall in place and personnel with the expertise to maintain your servers, you should have no problems maintaining their integrity. Once you have a secure server, like the one that Dell PACS offers, you can operate within your VDI without having to worry about whether or not your files will be there the next time you open it. Having your files in the right place is also important for when you open your VDI outside of the office.

The VDI also gives you the option of saving your files from other computers as well. More often than not VDIs have a hard drive of their own. You could save a file you’re working on in your VDI on the desktop and access it when you open it back up while sitting at your work computer. Don’t use your VDI as a primary location for files of any sort of importance. If something happens to the server, your VDI will cease to exist and the files you saved will go with it. Always back up important files on your work computer in case anything goes wrong with your VDI.