You can Make it Happen

It is always easier to give advice than to take it, but a new advert by Pete Cohen pretty much captures just how easy it is to change your life if you really want to because it is hard to debate sound advice that includes pushing your mind to just ‘make it happen.’  According to Cohen it is very easy to stay in one place because that does not take any work, but if you want to change your world you can move forward and get to a better place that requires some effort.

Cohen goes on to explain in the advert that everyone has problems, and this is in fact what everyone has in common.  However, he highlights that the difference is how you overcome obstacles and difficulties as they arise.

Following the line of thought that no man is an island, Cohen encourages you to remember that you can turn to your friends and family members when you hit problems so that they can help hold you to your goal and hold you up as you continue to reach towards your targets.  Sponsored by The Telegraph, the overall goal is to help people live the life they want instead of the life that they find themselves in.

Finally, Cohen leaves viewers with one last piece of information, that reaching for your goals will make you enjoy your life more even as you face problems getting to them because you will be much more satisfied with your efforts than sitting around doing nothing.  In fact, he pleads with viewers to take a minute to think about what they want out of life and to think about how they can get there so that when the time comes they can take the first step and ‘make it happen’ for themselves.